Digital Kisan

This simplified digital solution helps in connecting with farmers and their stakeholders to uplift Socio-eco status by offering Education, Communication and Convenience. Though ‘Digital Kisan’ is a digital and technology based platform, it is developed considering the literacy ratio of farmers. So the usage is very easy and convenient. We have developed and delivered a successful project ‘Digital Kisan’ for the Department of Agriculture, Government of Haryana. Digital Kisan is used across 25 locations of 22 districts of Haryana successfully. Through this platform, farmers can get access to govt schemes in a simplified video format, claim insurance on time, get good prices to their produce through live commodity markets, can get answers to their queries through hotline facility.


Mantralaya is the head administrative office of Maharashtra State. Where thousands of citizens come from across the state, with a hope of getting their pending work done or for some opportunity. Addressing to each and every visitor becomes practically impossible. We have developed a digital solution ‘Mahasanwad’ to cater to the queries of visitors. The platform displays government schemes in a simplified way elaborated in simple 1-2 minutes videos. Allows the visitors to give their feedback.. Hundreds of schemes are systematically decided in various categories so users can access it as per their requirement.


Everyday there are hundreds of women who reach Women Commission office Mumbai with their problems. It becomes practically impossible to address their issues. Even they are not aware of various schemes initiated for them by the government. They are not aware of their basic rights. We have developed ‘Saad’, a digital platform offers various information, literature and also educates them about schemes offered for them. Apart from just information, she can get connected to the call center for further support.

Digital Carvan

Digital Caravan is India's first moving digital knowledge platform on wheels. Digital Caravan provides knowledge and education to the students at economically challenged locations. This digital platform is made available on TATA Marcopolo ac bus. It has 13 touch screen TV sets and 13 tabs for the students. It provides complete online training modules of school syllabus, story books, educational movies, internet access etc. Digital Caravan moves across Mumbai's economically challenged areas.


India has hundreds of years of rich legacy of Public Libraries, which has played a major role in India's freedom movement against British. But somehow, these libraries are missing on the digitization process. So we have offered a platform called Read2Lead, which offers thousands of digitized books for reading. This is not only offering convenience to readers but also an opportunity to explore hundred year old books as well. We offered this solution ot Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya on its completion of hundred years.


Jansanwad delivers various information and knowledge from the video walls at 2 prime locations in Ratnagiri. One at Ratnagiri collector office and other at Railway station. We had installed a 55 inch (2x2) video wall at both these locations. The video wall intends to promote various govt schemes, messages of Collector Sir to the citizens etc in a simplified format of audio visual. This platform is very useful from time to time to create awareness among the citizens about the importance of voting, plantation, paying taxes on time, Governments new drive etc.

Health Check

With the increase in the Covid19 cases nationally, we will be shortly launching a platform in order to reduce the burden and pressure on the health system. Its preventive health checkup platform which takes vitals like BP, Temperature, Oxy Level etc. This data gets uploaded on cloud of HealthCheck, which also helps to generate various types of reports.