Landscape Kiosk

Price : INR 2,32,000

AdriseIndiaTM Engage is a touchscreen kiosk designed considering the use of Indian citizens. The information gathered and displayed is in a very clear and concise way. Our dedicated team of Content Development, Research & Development has ensured easy flow of information, ease of use and its accessibility. We have a set of two options where you can choose between Windows or Android based operating system.

Portrait Kiosk

Price : INR 2,07,000

AdriseIndiaTM Engage is an interactive kiosk where citizens can gather all the information they are looking for at their finger tips. This platform can be used online and offline both. Information like various departments, department heads, floor map of the buildings, citizen charter & various schemes for the citizens can be shared.
• Interactive
• Quick Information Share
• Engaging Citizens

Digital Standee

Price : INR 2,00,500

AdriseIndiaTM Connect is an electronic information display which provides information to the viewers. Information about government projects, schemes, new updates and achievements can be displayed as per your own requirement. It is equipped with modern day cutting edge technology and long durability.


Inform & Promote

Inform, Educate, Promote Reach out to your customers/visitors and promote your products/schemes.


Allow users to interact in a multitude of ways, by expanding the number of interface options. Rather than simply swipe and tap, Multi-Touch allows for zooming, scrolling, selecting, and more.

Touch Sensitive

Effortless information on mere touch.

Multi Content

Delivery of multi subject content.


Delivery of relevant customized content based on company interests ,preferences , products, schemes etc.

Form Factor

Hardware/Layout of the kiosk can be customized as per the user or company needs.