Digital Standee

An electronic display system to attract eyeballs and attention of visitors/customers by sharing information, advertising and other messages, which is supported by ‘Content Management System’.


• Display of company information, mission, vision, CSR initiatives, future projects, awards
• Videos, images can be displayed (supports jpeg, pdf and mp4 etc)
• Real time updates
• Multi location monitoring from one place.
• Provides mobility advantage during exhibitions/ events.
• Customized usage through ‘Content Management System’ software.


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Inform & Promote

Educate! Inform! Promote! Reach out to your customers/visitors and promote your products/schemes.


Delivery of relevant customized content based on company interests ,preferences , products, schemes etc.

Multi Content

Delivery of multi subject content

Form Factor

Hardware/Layout of the kiosk can be customized as per the user or company needs